Do You Know What A Bail Bond Actually Is?

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Read To Discover What A Bail Bond Is!

Is your loved one in trouble with the law? Do need money to post bail?  Then no matter what time of the day, you can always find a Houston bail bond agent to help you post bail. Depending on the offense they are charged with will determine the amount. When you pay the money, you are guaranteeing that they will appear for all court appearances. If they appear as promised, then your money will be refunded to you. The court wants to give you a chance to stay at home with your family. So the money you have to pay may be low enough that it’s not too much for you to pay, but high enough that you will want to recover by making sure that your loved one appears.

Now Here’s How A Bail Bond Works.

If you are still unable to pay the bail, you can hire a bail bond agent. The bondsman fee is about 10-15 % of the bail amount. The bonding company then pays the court the entire amount of the bond as a surety that they will appear in court court. If they appear as promised, then the money that the court refunds at the end of your bail period will be given back to the bail bond company. So they will be able to stay out of jail by paying much less and the agent will have made money.

But they don’t appear in court, the bail bonding company will lose money. As insurance the bonding company will usually ask you to provide a guarantor. A person who can to sign a bond with the bondsman guaranteeing to pay the entire bail amount if you jump bail. Alternately, you may be asked to provide collateral, a credit card payment, mortgage deeds or vehicle title etc. Your collateral will be returned once they make all court appearances.

Before you or a friend sign a bail bond as your guarantor, you should ask questions to make sure you know the terms of the contract. Also make sure you know what will be done with your collateral when you sign for a bail bond. A Better Bail Bond can assist you with this entire process.

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