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Phone: 713.635.8400
Address: 1416 Washington Ave., Houston, TX. 77002
Hours: Hours: 24 Hour Location

Hwy 6/Cypress

Phone: 713.554.7413
Address: 4240 HWY 6 North Suite G., Houston, TX. 77084
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 8am – 11pm – Sunday 10am – 7pm


Phone: 713.633.7800
Address: 10024 Homestead Rd, Houston, TX. 77016
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 8am – Midnight – Sunday 10am – 7pm


Phone: 713.733.8400
Address: 5317 Malmedy, Houston, TX. 77033
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 8am – Midnight – Sunday 10am – 7pm

Bail Fast! Call 713-338-2569


Are you in need of a quick Houston Bail bond service?

As an expert 24 Hour Bail Bond Company in Houston Texas, we offer prime Bail Bonding services to those who wish to leave jail quickly and discretely. Our affordable rates, incredible results, and testimonies from people across Houston, and even the entire nation speak for themselves.

No Houston Bondsman is as fast, professional, and service-minded as A Better Bail Bond. With our company, getting your loved one out of jail is a cinch. Whatever the crime, tickets, theft, or something more serious, we have bonding agents ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Jail is a hell hole and no place for someone you love to be. We’ve all heard the stories about how horrible it is being locked up. Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 713-635-8400 or 713-224-8400 for immediate action. We’ll assign you to a qualified Harris County Bondsman as soon as you make that call. We’ll get a trained and well qualified bondsman to start working for you right away.

I Need a Houston Bail Bondsman Now, What Do I Do?

Call a bail bondsman downtown Houston at our Washington Avenue 24 hour location at (713)-224-8400. Don’t wait any longer or try to deal with the Harris County Court hassle, call now! We’ll be on your case and start working at a high speed as soon as you hit the “call” button!

A Better Bail Bond is a discrete bail bond company in Houston. We are a leader in this industry and highly experienced in the Harris County Court Jail and Court Systems

Why Choose A Better Bail Bond?

As soon as you call us, we will have a well-trained staff member working urgently on your case. We’ll minimize paperwork and never throw away time. The cost you pay will just be a small percentage of the total bail bond amount. Any necessary financial negotiations are done swiftly and efficiently.

Through every step of the way, we will be there to offer all our services and lead clients through the complicated legal system which we’ll make simple and easy to follow. Bureaucracy is a pain and we know exactly how to deal with it. Nothing is more important to us than your case! Call a 24-hour bail bondsman now at 713-224-8400 to allow us to help you or your loved one.

Our Reputation In Houston Precedes Us

With thousands of happy customers and the title of “the Best Houston area Bail Bond service,” you have nothing to worry about. Our team of experts must have been doing something right in order to earn that title in a town as big as Houston.

We work not just in Houston, but also all over the nation, getting people out of jail quickly and discretely. Do you want anything less than the best, especially with your freedom on the line? Call now at 713-224-8400 for a better life break.

Getting Bail in Houston

The Houston court and bail systems may appear very confusing and complicated to most people. However, that should not subject you or your loved ones to jail when there is little to no evidence against you. Granted that we all make mistakes, nature often gives us a second chance to redeem ourselves. So you know you need a quick Houston bail bond service whenever you or your loved ones get arrested, to secure their freedom, and move on to better things.

How Bail Bonds Works

Sometimes, people usually find themselves in legal troubles at times when they are not financially buoyant enough to secure their bail. That’s where A Better Bail Bond in Houston comes in to save the day. When it seems like the law is at odds with justice, we’ll work on your behalf to secure your release discreetly so you can be back to the people who love you in no time.

Once we get on your case, we’ll assign you to a qualified Harris County Bondsman right away. This professional bond agent will work with the court on your behalf to guarantee your presence whenever your court hearing starts. We’ll then issue a bond so you can get your freedom.

Your Freedom Is Our Priority

Our vast experience with the court systems in Houston as well as the dedication of our bond professional agents has earned us a reputation as the best discrete bail bond company in Houston. Above everything else, we’ll prioritize your freedom and will stop at nothing to get you out of the jail cell.

It’s not every day you’ll find a bail bondsman in downtown Houston offering the level of convenience and reliability that comes with our quick Houston bonding service. It will interest you that we even have plans that don’t need a credit check to get started.

Our payment plans are flexible enough, with different packages for both good and bad credit bail bond payment plans. We have a variety of payment methods and we’ll work with you to find out what plan would be most suitable for your budget.

We’re Always Open, A Better Bail Bond Write’s Bonds 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week.

As a 24-hour bail bondsman, our doors are always opened all day  amd all night long so we can always rise up to the occasion whenever you need us. We’re opened on weekends and holidays and will always be there to help get your loved ones safe from having to spend time in jail because of their inability to secure their bail.

Nobody plans when to go to jail. But whenever it starts to get messy, we’ll always be there to help you navigate the complexities involved in securing your bail and your freedom.

How We Can Help – Quick Houston Bonding Service

A Better Bail Bond offers the fastest and most reliable bail bond service in Houston. If you need quick bonding service in downtown Houston, Hwy 6/Cypress, the Northeast or Southeast, you can contact us for;

  • Felony bail bonds for crimes such as assault, fraud, robbery, kidnapping, homicide, conspiracy, etc. although this is usually complicated, we’ll help you come up with bail so you can avoid undue incarceration before trial.
  • Misdemeanor bail bonds for crimes like traffic violations, petty theft, shoplifting, traffic violation, disorderly conduct, drug possession, domestic violence, etc.
  • DWI or DUI bonds to void spending nights in jail
  • Non-arrest bail bonds, and
  • Traffic bail bonds in Houston, among many others.

Get Released From Jail in Houston Or Harris County

No one deserves to be in jail more than they have to. Get a bail bondsman in Houston that truly understands your frustration. Work with A Better to help secure your release as soon as possible. Our services are among the fastest anywhere in Houston TX. aside from being highly flexible. Our well-experienced professional bonding agents won’t stop until you’re back where you should be –at home with your loved ones!

Fastest Bail Bond Company in Houston

While you can expect to get freed within a day, sometimes it’s only a matter of hours before our clients are able to regain their freedom after an arrest. We’ll help you get over the whole experience in no time so you can quickly move on. Our professional services will help you get back your freedom and give you the second chance you no doubt deserve.

We’ll handle the court process and every complexity that comes with it easily and conveniently. We’ll set your bond, submit payment and then expect approval. You should know that no arrest is too small or complicated for us.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Our Affordable Payment Plans!

Once done, you can continue to enjoy your freedom and peace of mind without worrying about huge debt incurred via bail bonds. Here at A Better Bail Bond, our services are very affordable and are some of the most competitive you can find around. Our payment plans are also very flexible so you don’t get to experience any inconvenience, going forward.

We’ll Be There Anytime, Anywhere to Assist Both The Defendant and Their Co-Signer

Although our primary service area is Houston, A Better Bail Bond can help you post bonds anywhere in the United States. To us, you’re not a defendant. You’re just another client who has found themselves in some unfavorable circumstances. Knowing this, you can rest assured that we won’t leave any stone unturned to secure your release so you can be back to the people who truly love you.

We’ve helped thousands across Houston with the bail bond process. We have the experience, expertise, and resources needed to help you secure your release. We are just a call away and won’t hesitate to start working on your case once we get the green light. Again, your freedom is our priority and we won’t rest until you or your loved ones are out of jail.

A Better Bail Bonds, We Have The Keys To Your Freedom!
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