An Explanation Of The Different Types Of Bonds

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Unsure of the type of Bail Bond that you need?

Bail is a kind of assurance deposited  by an accused person so that they may leave court while waiting for the next hearing or trial. This allows the arrested person to remain free from being locked  up to the time the next trial is heard. Payment is the security the court imposes to the accused to make sure that they will appear in future court hearing dates.

There are various types of bail bonds one can consider or can be granted. The bail is imposed by the court and might be too high for the accused person to afford. This is where the bail bond comes in. The accused is allowed to pay a percentage of the value, and the rest of the value being secured by a bond. The bonding company gets its profit by adding interest on the money put on the bail bond.

There are several types of bonds that people can use to get out of jail. The availability of the bond will majorly depend on your specific case situations and the purpose of the bond. The following are the types of bonds that can be taken.

Cash bonds: These types of bonds are bonds ordered by the court to be paid by a defendant who according to the court assessment can be trusted, but at the same time, they are charged with committing a crime. In cases of less serious offenses and if the accused appears to be harmless to the public and having a track record of compliance to the court rulings, the person is ordered to pledge compliance to the next hearing schedule and pay some form of administrative fee.

Other defendants may pose a risk of flight or non-compliance to appear for the next hearing. The judge may impose a huge value of cash to be paid. This is where the accused looks for an available cash bond from a bail bondsman.

Another type of bond is an immigration bail bond.

Those who travel to other countries and are accused of committing crimes are taken to the local courts in the host country. These courts may rule that they give a bond for them to be released. To obtain a bond in such a circumstance is difficult because the bailing agency faces major risks of flight by the accused. This makes the bond very expensive to obtain due to individual status’ complexity and bondsman’s risk assessment.

A Surety  Bond is the  third example of bail bond.

This form of bond  has an attached set of conditions to be satisfied by the accused in compensation towards the claimant. Surety bonds are used in many construction contracts and ensure honesty. Another type for Surety is when the agent has a set of conditions for release such as rehabilitation treatment programs.

The fourth example is federal bail, which are used when a person is accused of federal crimes. These are very expensive because of the complexity of handling the recovery process and the court proceedings. A Better Bail Bond can assist you with all of your Houston, Texas Bail Bond needs.

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