Fast Bail Bond Service in Downtown Houston

Bail Bond Service in Downtown Houston

A Better Bail Bond is here to help. We offer quick and affordable bonds for the Houston Texas community. While we agree that no one plans to go to jail at any point in time, we’re always available to help if ever you find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

24 Hour  Bail Bonds

We’ve helped reunite many people with their loved ones after getting arrested at odd hours of the day. While we are strategically located in four different locations to serve the people better, our Downtown Houston location offers 24-hour service for affordable bonds if ever you or your loved ones get arrested for any crime that requiring a bond.

Affordable Bonds 

You don’t have to be locked up away in a jail cell when you can easily find your way back to the people who love and want you. While we are reputed for our fast bail bond service in Downtown Houston, our services are still very affordable and convenient.

We have flexible payment plans and different packages that include bonds for good credit, bonds for bad credit as well as no credit bonds. If you ever find yourself or your loved one arrested, A Better Bail Bond will help you get bonded out now, easily and conveniently.

Convient Downtown Houston Location

We don’t stop at offering affordable bonds and 24-hour service. Our Downtown Houston bail bond company is strategically located so we can be easily accessible each time we’re needed. You see, it’s better you know us and not need us than you need us and not know how to contact us.

  • You can check us out at 1416 Washington Ave., Houston, TX. 77002,
  • Or contact us at 635.8400 (we are very responsive and always available)

We enjoy a place a prominence among bail bond agencies in Houston, Texas. Thanks to decades of experience, we are well-experienced when it comes to handling bail and the complexities of the legal processes in Houston. We can help in any of the different Houston jails that include;

Harris County Jail

  • 701 N. San Jacinto Street
  • Houston, Texas
  • +1 713-755-5000

Houston Central Jail

  • 61 Riesner Street
  • Houston, Texas
  • +1 713-247-5400

Harris County Sheriffs Inmate Processing Center

  • 1201 Commerce Street
  • Houston, Texas
  • 713-755-6044

Southeast Houston Jail

  • 8300 Mykowa Road
  • Houston, Texas 77048
  • +1 713-247-5400

A Better Bail Bond has offices situated strategically around the Houston neighborhoods but our reach extends far and wide across the country. We can help your loved ones get out of any mess they find themselves in virtually anywhere.

Types of bonds we can help with

Our fast bail bond service in Downtown Houston covers a wide range of areas. Our services and expertise covers several types of bonds that include;

  • Appeal Bond
  • Appearance Bond
  • Assist With Arrest Bond
  • Cash Bonds
  • Misdemeanor bonds
  • Traffic bonds, etc

We can also help with bonds if arrested for theft, robbery, burglary, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, or any other crimes requiring a bail bond.

Get bonded out now!

We believe that nothing should keep you in jail longer than you have, especially when there’s little to nothing to prove your guilt and before your court hearing. That’s why we’ll always assign a professional bonding to you immediately we start working on your case.

Our fast bail bond service in Downtown Houston will help you get home as soon as possible. Our payment plans are also very flexible and affordable so nothing can come in the way of your freedom.

If you or your loved ones get arrested for any crime in Downtown Houston or the surrounding areas, do contact A Better Bail Bond to get bonded out as soon as possible.

With our fast bail bond service in Downtown Houston, you’ll be reunited with your loved ones in no time!

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