Online Bail Bond Easy Steps

Call us at 713-635-8400

1.    We’ll explain the bail bond process and answer all of your questions.

2.    We can send our simple online bail bond form immediately in a PDF file by email or by fax. Complete the 1 page form and return it to us along with a recent pay stub, recent utility bill & copy of your drivers license of official ID.

3.       We will notify you of approval quickly so you can pay & complete final application. 

4.     We post the bail & the defendant will be released from jail. It’s that simple.

The Bail Documents

We can email or fax you the bail documents – it’s your choice. If you receive them by email, they will be in a “PDF” format. If your computer has Adobe Reader installed, you can instantly open this document. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking here.  It is a simple process that only takes seconds to download and install. Fill out the basic, but required information, attach your id, proof of citizenship and utility bill and send.  If you are completing the documents on computer you will need to electronically sign each form.

Returning the Bail Paperwork

We will need copies of your ID, proof of citizenship and utility bills.  You can scan them or you can use your smart phone or digital camera to take a picture of them.  Then email the pictures to yourself, download them so that you can attach the pictures to your application.  You can also make copies and fax them to us.

All information submitted to our office is kept strictly confidential and only reviewed by our professional bonding staff who work directly with you.

 Of course, if you prefer to work with a bondsman in person, you can visit one of our four convenient Houston area offices.

 For additional information, call 713-635-8400.

 Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you by answering any questions and providing bail bond assistance.  Online bail is fast and easy!  If you need assistance we are only a phone call away ready to walk you through the process.

 Once the bond is posted, you are required to visit our office, along with the defendant within 24 hours. 




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