Southeast Houston Bail Bond Service

Need a fast bail bond service in Southeast Houston?

A Better Bail Bond Houston, TX is here to your rescue. We understand how frustrating it can be to be held behind bars. We understand that you do not plan to spend time here and we understand the need to approach your release with urgency. That’s what separates us from our peers and that’s why we’ve earned a reputation as the best bail bond company in Houston. We offer 24-hour service and are committed to helping clients secure their bails as fast and easy as possible.

Our values – A Better Bail Bond Houston, TX

We try to be better and to improve everything we do. This is why we are always committed to treating every one of our clients with maximum dignity and respect. To us, you’re not a defendant (not yet). We see you as another client who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. And because you wouldn’t like to spend your time waiting in pre-trial detention, we’ll go the extra mile to help you get bonded out now -like right now.

Fast bail bond service in Houston, TX

As one of the leading bail bonds companies in Houston, TX, we’ll help you secure your freedom in a day and if possible, in minutes. Nothing should separate you from your loved ones. Not even the complexities of the Houston courts and legal system. With us, you’ll be able to get affordable bonds so you can easily come out of this as soon as possible.

Greater ease & convenience

Nothing should get in the way of your freedom and so we’ve made our services as convenient and easy as possible. Not the complexities of the court processes here -we’re well-experienced and we have the expertise to deal with that. The affordability and flexibility of our services have also made things a lot more convenient and easier. We have plans for bonds for good credit, bonds for bad credit as well as no credit bonds so you can actually leverage our service to get out of jail no matter what your budget and financial standing may look like.

Convenient location in Southeast Houston

A Better Bail Bond

  • Phone: 713.733.8400;
  • Address: 5317 Malmedy, Houston, TX. 77033;
  • Hours: Monday thru Saturday 8 am – Midnight – Sunday 10 am – 7 pm;

While our Downtown Houston location offers 24 hour service of affordable bonds, our Southeast office is strategically located in close proximity to the Houston Southeast Jail at 8300 Mykawa Road, Houston, Texas 77048.

We can help you or your loved ones get out of Houston jails as well as any jail in the surrounding areas. You shouldn’t have to spend time waiting in jail when you’re not yet guilty of anything. You can visit A Better Bail Bond Southeast Houston location or any of our other locations in Houston such as our Downtown Houston bail bonds company, as well as the Northeast and Hwy 6/Cypress locations.

Types of Bonds 

We are always able to offer fast bail bond services for different situations that include;

  • Appeal Bond
  • Appearance Bond
  • Assist With Arrest Bond
  • Cash Bonds
  • Misdemeanor bonds
  • Traffic bonds, etc

If you also need help with bonds if arrested for theft, robbery, burglary, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, or any other crimes requiring a bail bond, we’ll be more than willing to help.

Get bonded out now!

We’ll assign you to a qualified Harris County Bondsman as soon as we start working on your case. We’ll go the extra mile to secure your release and have you out in no time. Your freedom is precious and it will be our priority. Contact us today or visit A Better Bail Bond Southeast Houston for fast bail bond service in Houston with greater convenience and ease. For residents of Houston who live in the Hwy 6 or Cypress area we have a location near you. Please visit our Hwy6/cypress location.

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